Saving money on heating and cooling expense in your condo

Items to Verify When Looking for a Condominium
Items to Verify When Looking for a Condominium

How to Economize on Your Condominium’s Heating/Cooling Bill

Items to Verify When Looking for a Condominium
Heating and cooling, especially during summer and winter, can sometimes double your energy costs since it is more expensive than any of your other systems in your condominium, usually making up over 50% of your condominium’s utility bill.
However, it is still possible to economize on your condominium’s heating and cooling bill, and still remain comfortable. Please check out the following tips:
Programmable Thermostats
It is important to have a programmable thermostat, since this is the easiest way to save money. You should familiarize yourself with how your thermostat works and how to use it. Afterwards, you can set it as low as it is comfortable during winter and as high as is possible during summer. You can also raise or lower the setting of your thermostat when you’re away from your condominium, or when you are sleeping. During the winter it is recommended that your thermostat be set to around 65°F - 68°F when your condominium is occupied and reduce it to around 50°F ? 55°F when you will be out of your condominium for more than 4 hours.
Air Conditioners
Check the floor plan of your room and the square footage, because if you have a small room, you do not need to buy a big air conditioner. In short, the size of the air conditioner you will buy or use should match the size of the room where it will be used. Remember that the smaller the size, the less electricity it will need to operate. If you really want to save on your electricity bill, than we recommend that you use an electric fan. Using an electric fan can lower your electric bill significantly.
Water Heating Costs
You can reduce your electric bill by setting the temperature setting of your water heater to warm. When taking a shower or bath, set the water temperature setting to warm, instead of hot, to save on your electric bill. Also, when doing laundry, set your washing machine to cold water and use a detergent appropriate for cold water use.
Energy-Efficient Equipment
It is important that you upgrade your appliances to energy-efficient equipment. You should contact your contractor and request for recommendations. For air conditioners and furnaces, you should get Energy Star models.
While heating and cooling your condominium may be costly during summer and winter, if you manage it wisely every month and install energy efficient appliances and implement the suggestions presented above, you can save a significant amount of money annually.

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