Things to check on before buying a new condominium

Items to Verify When Looking for a Condominium
Items to Verify When Looking for a Condominium

Items to Verify When Looking for a Condominium

Items to Verify When Looking for a Condominium
There are some items to verify when purchasing a condominium. Like purchasing houses or other accommodation, some problems may arise if you fail to check these items thoroughly. Below is the checklist you can use when buying a condominium.
The Exterior of the Condominium
You should look for visible signs of wear and tear, such as cracked walls, crumbling sidewalks, peeling paint, broken windows, and loose door knobs. In short, do an ocular inspection of the exterior of the condominium.
The Interior of the Condominium
Look for signs of cracks on the ceiling, walls, and floors. Check if the electrical outlets are functioning. Check the functionality of the windows. Check the noise level coming from the neighbors above, below, and from next door.
The Bathroom and Kitchen Area
Check if the lights and outlets are working in the bathrooms and kitchen area. Check the faucets and the shower to see if they are functional. Check if the toilet flushes, and if hot water is available in the shower, bathroom, and kitchen sink.
Check the Electrical System
Check to see if the condominium has its own circuit and fuse box, and is not shared with your neighbors. Use a meter to check that electricity is available in all outlets, and that the power levels are stable.
Check the Plumbing System
Check if the water pressure in the faucets, shower heads, and toilets are strong. Check the drainage flow of the sinks and bathtub, and ensure that there are no clogs.
Check the Appliances
Check the appliances that will come with the condominium, such as freezer, refrigerator, furnace, microwave, stove, air conditioning, etc. Check the appliances one by one to see if they are clean and functional.
Check the Floor Plan
Check the floor plan of the condominium, including the layout of the bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, etc. See if the layout is acceptable to you. Also, check the location of the windows, and the direction of the sunlight.
Included AmenitiesCheck the amenities available, such as gym, swimming pool, elevators, parking, security staff, etc.
There may be other items to check, but the above-mentioned list contains the minimum conditions that should be checked before buying a condominium.

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